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The Department of Mechanical Engineering at BJI is well-equipped with faculty members who have expertise in various fields of Mechanical Engineering, such as Thermal Engineering, Material Science, Production Technology and Machine Design. The workshops and laboratories under the department provide state-of-the-art facilities to empower students in their training and research.

The Department has signed MoUs with leading technical training pioneers such as Habilete to provide students with hands-on training and industrial exposure, further enhancing their learning experience.

The Department also boasts of alumni with excellent academic profiles, including those who have achieved high ranks in KTU.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at BJI is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive education in the field of Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis on practical learning and industrial exposure.


“Fostering Mechanical Engineering professionals of unparalleled integrity, dedicated to leading social transformation for a brighter and innovative world.”


Position the Mechanical Engineering Department as a global leader and offer a dynamic learning environment focused on rigorous fundamentals, innovative thinking and hands-on experience.

Equip students to make significant contributions to society through professional excellence, research, innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration and lifelong learning.