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Bishop Jerome Foundation is the administrative centre constituted by the leaders of the Diocese to oversee the functioning of the institution and formulate policies to ensure smooth and transparent governance of the institution. His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullasserry is the Chairman of the Foundation, Rev. Fr. Benjamine Palliyadiyil the Secretary, Rev. Fr. Arun J. Aradan, its Treasurer, and there are other nominated members, including clergy and prominent laymen of the Diocese.

The Governing body is the team entrusted to oversee the general administration of Bishop Jerome Institute including, but not limited to, monitoring of activities, annual accounts, budgeting, staff and student details, result analysis, planning for future growth and development.

Members of the governing body

  • Most Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullasserry - Chairman
  • Rev. Fr. Benjamine Palliyadiyil - Secretary
  • Rev. Fr. Arun J. Aradan – Treasurer
  • Mr. Anil Xavier IAS (Ex.)
  • Dr. S. Kevin
  • Mr. George D. Kattil
  • Dr. Roshan Kumar (Principal)