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A brief History

Bishop Jerome Institute is promoted by the Bishop Jerome Foundation, an educational non-profit charitable trust formed by the Catholic Diocese of Quilon to promote medical, technical, management and other professional education. Latin Catholic Diocese of Quilon does not need a formal introduction, as pioneers in the field of Education. Late Bishop, Jerome M. Fernandez's missionary zeal and enthusiasm was instrumental in setting up High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools across all parishes of the Diocese, thus promoting quality education to its sons and daughters.

Reckoning the need of the decade; to have a Diocesan initiative in the field of professional education to equip its next generation sons and daughters ‘competitive ready technocrats’, the Diocese of Quilon ventured into this field by establishing its own professional education centre - ‘Bishop Jerome Institute’- with three varied schools pursuing three different programmes viz., School of Engineering and Technology, School of Architecture and Design, and School of Management. An Educationalist himself, His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman's vision and commitment to the educational and social uplift of the populace of the Diocese served to bring this dream project into a reality. The project initiated in 2010, has grown to a full-fledged and prominent institution catering to the professional education needs of the young generation, when we reach 2023. Bishop Jerome Institute strives hard, not only to impart quality professional education, but also to inspire basic human values and mould its students to be socially responsible and disciplined citizens. It serves all deserving students across the entire communal fabric of the State, without any differentiation whatsoever.

Bishop Jerome Institute kicked off with an ambitious vision, a practical mission, and targeted goals to be achieved within a given time frame. BJI aims and continues its efforts to achieve the status of a ‘premier institution’ that would be the first choice of anyone; students, parents or Faculty, for its quality and excellence. BJI envisages its future status as a Centre of Excellence in technical and professional education, and that would one day become the nucleus of a Deemed University to be set up by the Diocese of Quilon.


To produce technical professionals with surpassing integrity who will pioneer social transformation for a brighter world.


Committed to accomplish its vision, BJI provides competent University Education to all deserving students beyond borders, irrespective of caste, creed and religion; and use the transformative power of education to mould them as socially responsible professionals.