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Date : 17/01/2021 to 29/03/2021

Venue : Adopted village , Mukhathala

Beneficiaries : NSS volunteers and the community.

Outcome : To know about the techniques implemented in Paddy cultivation and harvesting .

Highlights : As part of Subhiksha Kerala mission, volunteers of NSS BJI involved .In paddy cultivation over a span of 90 days. We sowed the seeds on 17/01/2021 and harvested on 29/03/2021. Our Volunteers gained Experience through this activity. This was done in an adopted village In Mukhathala.


Date : 10/09/2021

Venue : Respective Houses of the Volunteers

Beneficiary : Construction of Individual Rain pits

Outcome : Reduction of Run-off which chokes the drain, raising the underground Water table, reduce Soil erosion, to supplement the domestic water Needs.

Highlights : Individual rain pits created by the Volunteers at their respective localities Excavation was done upto a certain depth till a porous soil or fracture is reached.