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  1. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in the core principles of electrical and electronics engineering, applying their knowledge to analyze, design, and implement solutions for real-world problems.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate leadership skills and effectively collaborate within multidisciplinary teams, communicating ideas and solutions clearly and professionally.
  3. Graduates will engage in continuous learning and professional development to adapt to evolving technologies and emerging trends in electrical and electronics engineering.
  4. Graduates will be aware of global issues and diverse cultures, applying their engineering knowledge in an international context and contributing to solutions for global challenges.
  5. Graduates will exhibit creativity, critical thinking, and an entrepreneurial mindset, actively participating in the development and implementation of innovative technologies and solutions.
  6. Graduates will possess strong communication skills, both written and verbal, enabling them to convey complex technical concepts to diverse audiences and contribute to effective teamwork.
  7. Graduates will pursue advanced degrees, certifications, or professional licensure, and demonstrate a commitment to their own professional growth and advancement.