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13/2/24 Tuesday

*Mini Expo:-

A mini Expo was arranged at S8 Electrical class as an initiation of association inauguration .Practical demonstrations showcased student’s project models, providing attendees with a visual understanding of best practices. Live demonstrations of various invotive project ignite curiosity on viewers, highlighted their features and functionality, fostering a deeper appreciation for the latest innovations.

*Promotional Flash mob:-

The Student Flash mob event, organized by S8 and S6 Electrical students, took place before the event date, at entrance of collage premises. The purpose of the event was to bring students together for a spontaneous and vibrant display of creativity, talent, and unity. The flashmob was designed to create a lively atmosphere on campus and as a promotion of upcoming association day

14/2/24 Wednesday


Opening Session:

The program started with a prayer song followed by a welcome speech by Ms. Thara, S8 EEE, Programme Coordinator. This was followed by a Presidential address by HoD Dr. Channu Lal, Felicitations by Principal Dr. D. Roshan Kumara, Rev. Banjmin Palliyadiyil, Manager BJI, and Dr. Kim J. Seelan, Vice Principal BJI. Dr. Vinod V., Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE, Govt. Engineering College, Barton Hill, inaugurated the association,TESLA and addressed the gathering with his inaugural speech. Invite prominent individuals, such as Manager, Principal, Vice-Principal, Dean, Chief Guest, and student representative, to light the ceremonial lamp. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Bhavya Kapil, S6 EEE, Association Secretary.

Technical Talk:

 Dr. Vinod V., Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE, Govt. Engineering College, Barton Hill, gave an excellent talk on “An overview of home wiring and house appliances”. 80 students from all semesters participated in the talk. Dr. Vinod explained all the equipment that are commonly familiar to everyone in a simple way. 

Cultural event:

The student of all semester performed  different cultural events which made association inauguration more entertaining 


The techno-cultural fest SIDHANTHA’24 &COGNIZ’24 was conducted on April 27,28,29 during the academic year 2023-24.The tech fest  COGNIZ’24 was organised on Apr 28th and 29th with the department name RΩMEGA. There were a total of 6 Technical and 5 non- technical events organised by the EEE Dept. The technical events included Capacitor Xplode, Circuit Debugging, Hunt for circuit, IEEE Workshop on Electrical System Design and a Workshop on AutoCad in association with BIMLABS GLOBAL.The non- technical events included Neon football, content creation, gaming room, magic cube, Pubg. In addition to this working models expo was also arranged which included various innovative projects like smart irrigation, smart googles, Tesla coil, Van de graff, wireless charging enabled projects and a still model of a substation all developed by students of our department.