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The Computer Science and Engineering program provides a comprehensive academic curriculum that integrates various disciplines with a focus on social and environmental significance. The fundamental courses in the curriculum equip students with technical proficiency, while the optional courses enable them to specialise in a specific field, fostering the development of innovative ideas, projects, models, and systems. Additionally, these courses emphasise the importance of ethics and human values, instilling a sense of responsibility in the students.

To ensure the holistic development of our students, the Department is equipped with adequate infrastructure to support academic, research, and extracurricular activities. Our faculty members are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced, providing valuable guidance to our students. Additionally, the department regularly organises workshops, invited talks, and seminars for the benefit of both students and faculty.

Throughout the semester, special assistance is provided to students in the form of technical training, soft skills development, and aptitude enhancement. This comprehensive support aims to equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen field.


  • To create skilled professionals in Computer Science and Engineering with expertise in software, research, and ethics to meet industry and societal needs. 


  • To Keep up with cutting-edge technologies and ensure industry ready graduates
  • To Collaborate with renowned institutions enhances the research activities, providing wide range perspectives and resources.
  • To emphasize societal and ethical responsibilities is crucial for producing well-rounded professionals